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Why ConsumersCount.Org?

The founding fathers believed that the best way to prevent the rich and powerful from abusing the regular citizen was the right to a trial. Every American is entitled to his or her day in court. That was true until last year's Supreme Court decision AT&T versus Concepcion.   This decision was the culmination of a century of hard work by anti-consumer pro-business interests using their money to buy political power to leverage against consumers' rights.


The Supreme Court's ruling provided a roadmap to avoid trials and class actions by enforcing the compulsory arbitration clauses commonly found in Terms of Service agreements -- the little box you click when you activate services or buy products.

With a click, the Supreme Court ruled,  the individual can waive his or her Constitutional right to a trial and be forced to stand alone agaisnt corporate giants, at their own expense, in arbitration.

ConsumersCount.Org is the online resource where we start taking our rights back.  Consumers will post their issues, other consumers who have had the same problems - or who are just flat out outraged - will see them. When enough consumers come together around the same case that happened to all of them, the Consumers Count team will step up to bring the fight to the corporations. How the process works is explained in more detail on our "How It Works" page.