The 7th Amendment is the last remaining hurdle to Corporate America’s unfettered control of every branch of government. As such, Corporate America needs to delegitimize the Constitutional Right that acts as the last check on its unlimited power. First, the entire system is derided. A jury that sits for days, hears the facts and makes an award against a corporate wrongdoer – as is actually required by the 7th Amendment – is contemptuously called a “runaway” jury.  Second, the process is ridiculed. Rather than a reasoned decision of independent persons attempting to provide equal justice under the law, the jury is ridiculed as dispensing “lottery justice.”  Third, the lawyers who present the facts to the jury are derisively referred to as ambulance chasers and parasites seeking to line their own pockets. Finally, the entire process is ridiculed as the death of common sense.

Do we accept a measure of the distasteful when we preserve the right of all to freely speak their minds under the First Amendment? Do we passionately debate the scope of the right to bear arms in the face of the Second Amendment and the advancement of weaponry? Do we recognize that some criminals may go free because the police fail to preserve every citizen’s right against unreasonable searches and seizures? Have we ever simply sought to eliminate any one of these Bill of Rights because it is too much trouble to preserve? Of course not! Then why have we so blithely let Corporate America foist upon us all that the 7th Amendment right to trial by jury can eliminated by unilaterally stuffing an arbitration clause into your contract?  And why has this Supreme Court permitted it?  Is it because some would actually have us believe that corporations are people and We the People is actually We the Corporations?

The 7th Amendment is not without its faults, but it is one of your fundamental freedoms. Don’t let it along with the rest of your Constitutional rights disappear. Make yourself count.