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How It Works

Consumers Count is the leading organization using crowdcasing to restore consumer rights. On this website you and other members can “launch” new cases, join cases if “it happened to you,” or “share the outrage” and join the fight to reform how corporations do business. We bring together the people who have been victimized by corporations, the many fellow consumers who support them, and everyone who believes that rights still matter.

What Corporations Understand

Corporations only understand the power of numbers. Numbers of dollars and numbers of people. They won’t listen until a critical mass of empowered consumers come together and share their stories. Consumers Count monitors each case on our website. As soon as the progress bar is filled, we spring into action. Whether the right forum is the courtroom, the government, or the press, we connect consumers who are fighting back with the people who can help them win.

Corporate America has worked hard to change the rules and make each consumer battle alone. They rely on you to abandon your cause as too small and too time-consuming, while they continue to pocket millions of dollars. Junk fees, junk parts, and junk terms of service. Nobody and no company should be allowed to take advantage of Americans with such impunity. With you, we will fight back.

When You Arrive

Any member of the Consumers Count community can launch or join a cause. If you have been personally impacted by unfair corporate practices, browse or search the existing causes to see if it’s already out there for you to join.

If You’ve Been Personally Impacted

If it is, click on the cause and its page will open. From there get counted by clicking on “It Happened To Me”. Your voice – and your account – will be added to the cause, bringing us one empowered consumer closer to reaching critical mass. When we reach that number, our team will take over to bring the fight directly to the corporation.

If no one has submitted your cause yet, launch it yourself by hitting the “Launch” button in the top-right of every page on You will be taken to a form where you can tell your story. Enter the name of the corporation, how much the incident cost you, and when everything went down. Then give us as many details as possible about what happened. We’ll take it from there. Your cause will go in our queue and then we’ll post it for the world to see.

If You’re Just As Outraged As The Rest of Us

You don’t have to have been victimized personally to join our movement to restore, protect, and defend consumer rights. Each cause page has an “I’m Outraged” button. Click on it, and you’ll be signed up to stay engaged on that issue and on our agenda. Together we’ll fight back against consumer isolation and corporate abuse one case at a time.