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BB&T Unfairly Charges Overdraft Fees

Attempting to correct a popular banking practice that several courts have deemed unfair and deceptive, BB&T customers filed a class action complaint against B&T claiming that the bank charges overdraft fees for payment from checking accounts even when the account contains sufficient funds to cover the payments. Nevertheless, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals put an end to this court case. The Court held that on the basis of the Supreme Court’s decision in AT&T v. Concepcion, the arbitration provision found in BB&T's Bank Service Agreement was enforceable and ordered the lower court to compel Ms. Barras to arbitration. A single individual is not going to correct BB&T’s systemic business practices in arbitration. But if a large enough number of BB&T customers come together, they can make themselves count, obtain redress for their grievance, and have this company actually respond to allegations of unfair and deceptive charges. If you are a BB&T customer who was charged overdraft fees even though you had sufficient funds in your checking account, make yourself count.

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