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For the Roberts' Court Checks and Balances Means Check That Can Be Cashed

In another 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court eliminated the overall contribution limits in federal elections and further cemented the conservative majority’s go ... Read More

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Unveils the Unfairness of Arbitration

After a year-long study, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) issued a preliminary report describing arbitration clauses buried in consumer contracts as ... Read More

Yes, Virginia, You Have No Rights.

Imagine you are at work, at a job where every day you rise early and stay until all of your assignments are finished. While there you perform an unexpected but rath ... Read More

The Surveillance State is Immune Because you Have No Right to Trial by Jury

In the midst of chilling revelations of widespread government surveillance of phone records and internet activity of millions of Americans, there has been justifiab ... Read More


This week marks the Second Anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision to nullify the Seventh Amendment, your right to trial by jury in civil disputes.   ... Read More

Arbitration Suppresses Consumer Claims Says New Study

In a new study analyzing the pernicious effects of arbi ... Read More

The Seventh Amendment Must Be Defended No Less Vigorously Than the Second Amendment

Our nation is engaged in a robust debate about the Second Amendment. On one side, proponents of gun control focus on the Amendment’s first clause, arguing tha ... Read More

Another 5-4 Decision, Another Blow to Consumers

When the Wall Street Journal hails a 5-4 decision written by Justice Scalia and joined by his conservative colleagues as a Read More

Instagram, Privacy and Arbitration

The Wall Street Journal notes that while Instagram may have publicly blundered in changing ... Read More

How Can a Private System of Justice be in the Public’s Best Interest?

Arbitration clauses that force consumers into one-on-one negotiations with large companies are all the rage with corporations—and apparently the Supreme Court ... Read More

Texas Department of Insurance Encouraging Adoption of A Rule Prohibiting Mandatory Arbitration of Insurance Claims

As reported by our friends over at Public Justice, the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) is currently considering a rule prohibiting mandatory arbitration provisions in insurance products. ... Read More

Comcast: Hijacking the System One Cable Box at a Time

When the Supreme Court made it okay for corporations to force you as a consumer into the private arbitration process, the idea was that the process would be fair. I ... Read More

Magazine Highlights Arbitration's Illusory Remedies

“Binding arbitration ensures that we will all continue to hand over our rights in exchange for things we use everyday,” says Avi Kramer in an Read More

2012 Election Good for Consumers

The conventional wisdom is that the 2012 election changed nothing. We disagree. For consumers, this election may mark the end of a long decline in consumer rights &n ... Read More

Professor Jean Sternlight Supports Consumers Count

In a guest posting on ADR Prof Blog (, Professor Jean Sternlight voic ... Read More

NY Times Misses the Big Story on Microsoft Privacy Changes:Forced Arbitration

On Saturday The New York Times reported that Micr ... Read More

Opt Out of Arbitration - Even if it is a Sham

When the Roberts’ Court granted immunity to corporations by blessing forced arbitration clauses in consumer contracts, corporations acted quickly to place the ... Read More

Public Citizen Lists Dozens of Companies Adding Forced Arbitration Provisions

In an effort to expose corporations which have recently added forced arbitration provisions to their terms of service, Public Citizen has started a "rogues gallery" ... Read More

Consumers Count Stokes Fear By Corporations That Consumers Might Actually Use Arbitration

As we have noted repeatedly on this site, arbitration is not about making sure you can speedily resolve a dispute you may have with a corporation, but about making ... Read More

California Federal Court Denies American Honda Motor's Motion to Compel Arbitration

In Sorto v. American Honda Motor Co., Civ. No. 12-1377 (N.D. Ca.) Honda moved to compel binding arbitration of complaints for excess oil consumption on 2009-10 Honda Accords. But Honda was ... Read More

Sen. Al Franken to Host Discussion on Forced Arbitration Provisions

Senator Al Franken will be hosting a discussion of the impact of mandatory arbitration on consumers of financial products and services.  The program, "Stacking the Debt: Consumer Rights in the ... Read More

PayPal Latest Company to Add Forced Arbitration Provision

PayPal has added itself to the ever expanding list of companies adding a mandatory arbitration provision to its  Terms ... Read More

Crowdcase Your Complaint and Make Yourself Count

Today we are officially launching, a consumer service and advocacy organization created in response to the Supreme Court’s sanctioning of f ... Read More

The Supreme Court: Ushering in a New Tyranny

In the year since the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision in AT&T v. Concepcion permitting forced arbitration provisions in consumer contracts, it is cl ... Read More

Bidding Away Your Rights at e-bay

Buried in the late August inboxes of e-bay users is an e-mail explaining e-bay’s new terms of service, most notably its & ... Read More

For The Supreme Court, A Quick Reminder About The Bill Of Rights

It's not a coincidence that a document as basic as the Bill of Rights provided every American consumer with a trial by jury to present cases against products and services. The Founding Fathers knew ... Read More

It’s Time to Get Angry

Our elementary school lessons in civics focus on the simple premise that we have three branches of government, the Executive, the Legislative and the Judicial. We are also told we have a Bill of Ri ... Read More

Forced Arbitration is Nothing but a Kangaroo Court

The dictionary defines a  Kangaroo Court  ... Read More

The Supreme Court's Anti-Consumer Bias

While pundits were speculating on the Supreme Court’s shift to the left with its unexpected upholding of the healthcare law, ... Read More

Verizon FIOS Jumps On The Arbitration Bandwagon
The inevitable has arrived. This morning I received an email from Verizon, being the “valued” customer that I am, letting me know that the Verizon Terms of Service for FIOS has been revised. Oh boy! ... Read More
It Takes a Chinese Dissident to Remind Us What We Have Lost

When the Chinese dissident, Chen Guangcheng, arrived in the United States to study law, the first document he turned ... Read More

Microsoft to Consumers: Don't Even Think About Suing Us!
Microsoft has joined the ever growing list of United States companies which have  forced consumers who use their products and services to give up their rights to sue in court or join a class acti ... Read More
Sirius XM Stops Consumer Class Action, Forces Arbitration

Corporate America has once again succeeded in keeping disgruntled consumers out of the courtroom.

This time the company is Sirius XM and the class action complaint was filed by a California ... Read More

The So-Called Runaway Jury and the 7th Amendment
The 7th Amendment is the last remaining hurdle to Corporate America’s unfettered control of every branch of government. As such, Corporate America needs to delegitimize the Constitutional Right that a ... Read More
Arbitration - Going it Alone Against Corporate America
Arbitration is not about giving you speedy resolution for a complaint you may have against a corporation. Arbitration is making sure that if you have a grievance against a company, you are alone in fi ... Read More
Arbitration and the Consumer Financial Regulatory Board
The United States Consumer Financial Regulatory Board (CFRB)  recently announced that it will be examining how arbitration clauses effect consumers and how effective arbitration is in resolving c ... Read More